Wednesday raiding - bashing at Heroic Zon'ozz

So the nerf hit again.  Another 5% on top.  However, yesterday I think my raid team was playing half asleep at the wheel, because REALLY, most of us were half asleep.  I was tired from staying up all night furiously writing all the crazy thoughts buzzing around in my head, Lushnek was tired because he was jet-lagged from flying back from Perth (before you laugh, he had been pulling 17 hour days and finishing work close to 10-11pm Perth time which is 2am Sydney time, so me trying to help him readjust his body clock by ringing him at 7am to make sure he got up at the right time made him tired for the whole day).  Barkhoof was tired too, he kept saying he was sleepy and even Fue was getting sleepy at 1030pm.  Augment, being the teenager he is, is always rushing off to bed, and Gutsy was yawning because he had to get up early to work.  So I didn't feel like we were playing with a full pack of cards yesterday.

The other team took Ayelena along and I think Ayelena had a fun time because he got two heroic modes down.  They were working on Zon'ozz and got really close again, and the frustration for them was palpable.  Us on the other hand, were still trying to sort out our healing and rotations and where to go and honestly, I don't think I was that focussed yesterday, despite itching to raid since I had raid withdrawal having not raided for a whole week.

Mor'chok and Yor'sahj were both messy.  Well it felt messy to me.  Tonight, I've had a nice full night's sleep so I will be bringing my A-game to Zon'ozz.  Oh my, the silly mistakes we made last night:
  • In Yor'sahj Fue did 13k DPS.  Oh shit, he's in his prog gear...
  • Gutsy also went DPS for Yor'sahj and when he went to go back holy he realised he had been wearing his holy gear for DPS
  • I ran the wrong way in Morchok and couldn't hide from the black stuff but it is healable!
So I was being stupid and standing at ranged while trying to heal melee.  What a dumb idea.  Firstly I forgot that the melee only had 4 people in it anyway coz the tank is on the other side so having 5 there would be fine.  And then trying to run in and keep LB up on the tank was just idiotic coz I think I hit the ball early.  And poor Bladewind, was telling us how the other team does it but because of the way he talks which is not very animated, it made me sleepy.  I know he was concentrating and he was trying to make it clear but I think I was working on half IQ yesterday.

Faith felt sad she couldn't do any heroic modes with us last week, but I said it wasn't her fault, we were down a mainspec healer so it would have been to be hard to do anything heroic that week.

OK so today, I need to go fishing to get some more stuff for feasts.  I hope I have internet reception...


  1. I just hope TAFE doesn't get in the way tonight.



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