Monday raiding - Frostwolves is now 8/8!

Well a totally exciting night!  Group 1 got Madness of Deathwing down and there was a huge guild spam with achievements Destroyer's End.  So now Frostwolves is 8/8 in Dragon Soul.

Since I was in the other group, I couldn't see what was going on.  I knew they were close!   And I paused from my raid for a sec to see if they got it or not, and just when I thought they were going to wipe with 1 million to go, BAM!  Guild spam!

So what happened in there?

I don't know much about the fight, but my vague understanding is that there are 4 platforms and you move from platform to platform fighting, and blobs come which have to be killed at the same time and they do something bad, and there's a tentacle to kill... and the Dragon Aspects help you on each platform as well.  And you get impaled... oh it's all too confusing for me.

Gutsy lifegripped the tank at one point, leaving Roshii by himself and Roshii got impaled and died.  I wonder if Gutsy had been drinking :P but that would have been funny.

On their kill attempt, on the second platform, adds popped up again because they come back if you don't kill them all at once. So they said ok, next platform we need to dps those adds properly.  The next platform 3 blobs popped back up and Lushnek was like WTF!!!  This isn't going well!

Amusingly, Gutsy was so loud that even Voe thought he was loud - funny coming from Voe.  At one point, Gutsy didn't know who was tanking the tentacle, and he asked in Vent who was tanking it. 
Hwired: Me
Gutsy: Who's me?
Hwired: Hwired.
Gutsy: Ah ok.  I don't know everyone's voices yet.
Voe: That's funny because we certainly know your voice.

Hiliarious :)

So coming up to the last platform and this bit they had to DPS Deathwing then adds and somehow the tanks both died.  There was about 6 million to go.  So the DPS just burned Deathwing, and hoped that the adds didn't come.  Maybe the adds came at the end but it didn't matter.  Deathwing, the Destroyer, was defeated.

Moopie was happy because he got Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps.  Wow he has picked up a lot of loot these few nights!  No Tier for him :P

And you know what?  No pics!  I mean seriously, WTF?? GUYS!!!

Now how did my group go?  Well, with no Fue I was given the dubious job of having to lead my group since the other officer (SEV!) didn't have a mic.  And having not successfully killed Spine before, my understanding of how to DPS it is a bit sketchy, but if I had known I was going to lead I would have done more research (ie asked Lushnek!).  Anyway, we had some dreadful attempts and then both the mages went arcane and then it was better, the plates were coming off, but by then, I had enough.  Fallnapart was tanking and he wasn't half bad, and Manbull was having some issues with his DBM resulting in multiple AFKs while he tried to fix it.  But I was happy by the last attempt, hopefully when Fue gets back he will have a much smoother group to work with.  Just working out the dps order and getting people to get the hang of which side to run to was the hard bit.  And maybe with  a bit more time and patience that would have happened.


  1. Navimie
    we could have got it that night, for some reason both me and I think targetme didnt get gripped despite standing in the hole with everyone. At least I know I was standing where I am meant to be (cos I am overlapping someone) but still got thrown off. Perhaps if one more attempt we could have gotten it. It would be more sweet since we didnt have a raid leader that knows everything about the fight, and also with fallnapart tanking for us (not his usual role.

    Arcane certainly worked a lot better for us this fight due to the set burn phase times (no real control with fire). Volatility in fire's dps is an interesting one as almost everyone in the guild is reporting better dps on the dummies. But I found that this is only true for boss fights like Ultraxon where there is no burn phase or Hagara where there is a lot of running around. But for Zon'zz and Spine I think arcane wins out easily. But most of my tests are run on LFR...

    I am actually half hoping to do 25 mans again, it feels good with everyone in the same raid. However, I probably have to turn down settings for Ultraxon cos things get a bit laggy in the LFRs


  2. @Ksret - Make sure you look for the little tendril debuff when you're standing there, then you will know if you have the debuff or not. Yeah that last attempt was good, it was my own personal unpreparedness that made me call it early. I also like 25s but not everyoe does because of lag etc - the playing with all your friends is really enjoyable for me.


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