Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll December 11, 2011

The bad thing about being on Twitter is that I seem to spend even MORE time reading blogs.  And I have turned into this dreadful antisocial person who spends time flicking through Twitter on her phone and reading things... ARGH!

But without that I wouldn't have some of the gems I picked up this week.

Anuillae's post on Blizzard's Horde Bias - The Proof! was cool because she noticed that the picture on Wyrmrest Temple's ceiling had a horde symbol on it.  And it's a nice picture too - I had never noticed that ceiling pic before.  I love posts that make me go WOW!

I don't normally link the Blog Azeroth shared topics unless I participated in them but I really like Tome of the Ancient's take on Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Into the Real World.  So cute and I love how she edits her pictures :)

Big Bear Butt talked about LFR Too easy? A Self Correcting Problem.  Well, BBB rightly says that people who are saying it's easy, is because you might be getting some experienced puggers going through - those who are geared.  As they gear up in normals, they'll stop going to LFR and then the undergeared or newly geared will be coming through who are not as experiencd, so it may become difficult again.

Tzufit has a number of brilliant posts this week (one which is so brilliant it's actually TOO clever for me - her Power Auras).  Casters will like her post - she writes in More Thoughts on Ti'tahk for Resto Druid, about why Druids SHOULDN'T be bidding on Ti'tahk.  After reading it, I'll be giving it a miss, as it will OOM me faster and also our caster buddies will get more bang for their buck out of it (ie their DPS will be significantly improved compared to our slight improvement of heals).


  1. Thank you for the links! If you're even interested in delving into Power Auras, I'm sure I could help you find a more introductory guide to it. It does take a lot of set up and has a bit of a learning curve, but I can't live without it on any of my characters now. :)

  2. @Tzufit - I use Power auras but just simple ones, that I copied off someone (Jasyla or Beru probably). I need to add another aura...


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