Sunday raiding - Heroic Baleroc down!

Gosh we spent all night on it trying to get it right.  And I was anxious to start, and of course.... when it REALLY counted I somehow managed to do not one, but TWO big stuff ups!

We had a few hiccups with people getting Tormented and some spikey damage on Hwired so moved to Bel tanking.  Voe and Beauti were doing a great job with healing though we did have some tank deaths... well, lots of tank deaths, dps deaths (like crystal tanking deaths), crystal rotation stuff ups etc.  We wiped at 1.8million and 6 seconds to go - we died that time because we blew up from Countdown (Lush didn't quite make it to Voe) - and Roshii had d/c'd for the last 30 seconds of that fight!  Aza and Roshii put the raid in stitches when they had Countdown and were trying to get to each other but were running around Ampharos trying to get to each other, they went one way, then the both went the other way - but it ended up with them blowing the raid up about 1 minute into the fight.  They collapsed laughing in Vent, making me giggle too.  Belinia disconnected a few times too.

I thought I was finally getting the hang of it until that last attempt.  I noticed my DPS was REALLY low... what was going on there?  I thought was it because I went bear form while tanking a crystal?  It was about 3 minutes into the fight I realised I had somehow managed to UNEQUIP my weapon for that fight.  And then I innervated myself accidentally instead of Beauti.... but that attempt was our killing attempt, and it was a huge relief as it was nearing 11pm.  All the loot was shiny!  Lushnek got Tier gloves, Roshii got Breastplate of Incendiary Soul , and I got Glowing Wing Bracers.

So other than my crappy stuff ups we did it!  Voe said that he never wanted to heal that again... I wonder does that mean I get the opportunity to do it myself?  


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