Sunday raiding - 2 groups and 2 normals down

The group makeup was not ideal for a heroic kill.  My group was down a healer and so we 2 healed it, and couldn't get Rhyolith down on heroic - still getting superheated and too many stacks up causing us to take a f###ton of damage that I couldn't heal through.  Oof!  But I can see why people say it's 2 healable.

We ended up having to clear it all on normal as we had further people not turning up on Monday which is a damn shame.  What a waste of a raid week, especially with patch coming soon.  Would have liked to have at least SOME gear for it.  I don't think I've picked up any heroic gear, oh well!  I shouldn't complain really, as the Conquerer Tier hat hardly ever drops and the locks are still wearing their 359 ones.  So I guess this Tier I'm not the unlucky hat person.

So what does that mean come the next patch for our guild?  It looks like we'd probably see if we can queue for the pug raids as a guild and see if we can get the strategies down before we go to normal raid.  Good that they're on separate lockouts.  And a bummer since we are still trying to get our staff bits for our first legendary.  Hopefully we can crack a few more heroics before then.  My guess is patch will be in 2-3 weeks.

Rag was killed in the other group with 3 disc priests healing it.  Ours was just me and Target.  If we'd gotten heroic down then that would have been awesome :)  but I guess it's just not meant to be this week.  There's always next week!