WoWReforge - all your stats juggled with ease!

Xynzelle has been telling me to use WoWReforge, an online stat juggler obviously related to Reforging.  Was listening to Lushnek complaining about being 0.05% hit short so I was thinking hmm, maybe he should try it.  Then I thought, hey I should be trying it.  I have been lazy trying to get to my 2004 Haste since I was relying on warlocks to give my DI, but these days y might want to put it on the DPS, so I thought I'd reforge and see how to get there.

Now I had been doing all my stat juggling manually, but boy is this website a breeze!

Hard to see with this size picture.  But you can fix your Cap to whatever you want and whatever secondary cap you want and one click and you're done!  Now it also reforged me into a ton of mastery as well, but I thought I'd just leave it for now and see how this goes.  I am not sure I am comfortable heading towards the 1200 Spirit mark that some of the other high end druids head to - but I am not quite in that league so I might stay with the regen I've got now.  Maybe next week I'll give it a go and drop some spirit for mastery.