Deadmines Achievements - Rat Pack, I'm on a Diet, It's Frost Damage, Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator

There are so many achievements in this dungeon!

Rat pack does not have to be done in one attempt, it can be done cumulatively.  Rats spawn around the log pile area when you do the Helix encounter, every time the Lumbering Oaf charges, they spawn apparently.  Just kill them as you see them and you will have this achievement in no time.

I'm on a Diet is also another easy one.  You shouldn't get nauseated unless you eat 2 bad foods in a row.  So the easy way to this achievement - don't eat anything.  If you're doing it properly however, you should try to eat one good one bad.  Or the other way which is really annoying is to eat only good food.  But that means there are bad food lying around everywhere doing AOE damage which annoys the hell out of your healer.

A lot of my friends had done It's Frost Damage by accident when they didn't dps the vapours fast enough and they got big and blew up.  So when you do it now, you just have to let 3 big ones explode, but you need to have one person live I think.  And those things blow you really far, I was blown off the ship.  And the good thing is you don't have to kill the boss to get the achievement.  So just have your tank and healer tank them somewhere and have a dps hide somewhere so they won't get hit by the explosion.  Mages and paladins are great for surviving it for the achievement.

We did Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator the other day for Sevros and it was really easy, with good DPS.  When I got my achievement, I had to go and engage VanCleef as they were doing the last mobs so to get the timer.  But I guess with DPS being buffed we don't need to do it that way anymore.  Just keep up, don't die (the rotating pinwheels of death are the classic die point!) and kill quick and you have got this one down.  Don't let any of those Harringtons die!

Good luck with your Volcanic Stone Drake!